*SURAJBAL EDUCATION is a most valuable educational program started by


*Surajbal Academy of Informal Education (SBA)

  1. *Surajbal Academy of Informal Education (SBA) came into existence in the year 2003.
  2. SBA is a private and unregistered educational enterprise.
  3. SBA imparts Informal Education to students and others.
  4. SBA is the only academy of its kind in this world.
  5. SBA has devised courses of very short duration to meet the individual needs and aspirations.
  6. SBA has now embarked upon an ambitious plan to establish a worldwide network to promote Informal Education.
  7. SBA welcomes one and all to join its activities.

Informal Education (IE)

  1. IE is different both from formal education and from non-formal education.
  2. IE is also different from religious education or spiritual education.
  3. IE satisfies the inner core of the human mind and is not dependent upon reasoning only.
  4. IE is an education about the eternal verities.
  5. IE helps man to understand the intricacies of the universe and the human mind.
  6. IE is a special education which makes a man wise, wiser and wisest.
  7. IE is an education which gives complete, perfect and tested knowledge (understanding) of the basic, fundamental and eternal principles that govern the universe, nature and human affairs.

Importance of Informal Education

  1. Informal Education is a scientific and systematic study of the secrets of the universe, nature and human affairs.
  2. Informal Education leads to the Supreme Knowledge and Supreme Wisdom.
  3. Informal Education is a scientific study of Veda.
  4. Informal Education is the best pastime.
  5. Informal Education is a wise hobby.
  6. Informal Education tells the truth of the world.
  7. Informal Education gives the last word in the world.
  8. Informal Education is the wisdom of the wisest.
  9. Informal Education is a word to the wise.
  10. Informal Education makes a man happy and healthy; wise and wealthy.

In short, Informal education is the education that gives complete, perfect and tested knowledge (understanding) of the universe, nature and human affairs. This knowledge is enshrined in Veda. Different people interpret Veda differently. Different interpretations cause confusions in human minds. Informal Education removes these confusions.

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