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Children are very dear to their parents. They wish them all success but they seldom wish to make them wise. They probably think it unwise to make their children wise particularly when they are required to spend time, money and effort for the purpose. We can reduce these factors to the minimum. If schools do not wish to enter in this endeavor parents should form their groups to learn things and pass on to their children. Let us know what assistance you require from us. We are very near to you now.

Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions are welcome to become members of Surajbal Academy of Informal Education. This will entitle them to get information about the different special courses run by Surajbal Academy of Informal Education from time to time. They can choose the right one for their students. Institutions can also ask for our assistance on any matter of importance. We shall be happy to discuss the matter personally with the head of the institutions in case they wish so.

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