Education of man is incomplete without informal kind of education. Informal Education mainly consists of 12 subjects. *Surajbal Education has divided this knowledge of 12 subjects into 6 courses. Each course has been further divided into three parts for the convenience of students. The details of courses are as under.

S.NO Name of course Time
1. Introductory Course 1 hours
2. Preliminary Course 2 hour
3. Basic Course 5 hours
4. Junior Course 10 hours
5. Senior Course 18 hours
6. Advance Course 18 hours

Education and Learning: One can obtain admission in any Course but will have to cover all the lower Courses. Class-room teaching is undertaken on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Minimum two/ three hours coaching at a time is a must. Students can choose to undertake day-long study for any course/ courses.

Boarding and lodging: Students are to make their own arrangements for boarding, lodging and conveyance etc but they are to be punctual and regular. In case students need any help they can avail of the services of our Accommodation Agents who are otherwise independent and are not under our control.

Distance Education: One can undertake a casual study through correspondence on weekly or monthly basis.

Examinations: Examinations are optional. *SURAJBAL Academy of Informal education has its own examination systems. Certificates and diplomas are issued. These are for internal use only. Students are declared pass only if they obtain 50% marks in the examination. Examinations are only to control the quality and the standard of Informal Education. Examinations give confidence to learners.

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