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Message from Mrs. Sudesh Vashishta, the proprietor of *Surajbal Academy of Informal Education and *Surajbal Institute of Independent Veda

My husband, Raj Kumar Vashishta IPS (retired) devoted some 43,200 hours towards the study of Veda. He based his study on the precepts given by his grandfather, Late Pandit Surajbal of Chandigarh. Somehow, I also got attracted towards Veda. I found that the knowledge in Veda is basic, very vast and difficult. At the same time, I felt that the contents of Veda are very important and useful for mankind. So an academy called *Surajbal Academy of Informal Education was formed in the year 2003. ‘Gyaan Yagyaas’ were arranged. Study material was collected and compiled. Curriculum and syllabuses were decided. Courses of very short duration were devised. In May 2008 *Surajbal Institute of Independent Veda was started. Now an ambitious program to impart basic knowledge to students and others has been drawn. Small groups of enthusiastic men and women are being formed in different towns and cities all over the world to receive this fundamental knowledge in order to pass it on to others. Educational institutions are also being involved. We now seek part time service of Shaashtri teachers at different towns and cities for this educational program. A ‘learning and teaching’ chain method for speedy dissemination of the basic knowledge has been adopted. This program has been named as *Surajbal Education. All are welcome to join it.

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